Certified Designer

This is my online portfolio of websites, logos, prints and applications that I've made over the past 15 years. Please take a look around, I'd love to add your project to my showcase.

Most of my work is built from scratch, starting with simple shapes, fills, strokes and a few good typefaces. Design is what I do for a living and a hobby. Contact me today if you or someone you know is looking for a certified professional designer from Holland, Michigan.

15 years experience

Starting professionally in 2002 I was a pixel graphic designer and PHP programmer. Most of my work was done in Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver for web based applications. As my career advanced I shifted to primarily vector based graphics in Adobe Illustrator for digital printing and vector based output. My artwork has been posted online, displayed on digital billboards, cast out of metal, cut out of plastic, and printed on a wide range of media all over the world!

High pressure design & production environments have trained me to get the job done correctly, on or ahead of schedule. You never know when those last minute revision requests may pop up. I’ve done it all, from the back-to-back all-nighters to the 8 minute turnaround. Certified in May of 2004, I continue to learn new design techniques and strategies as they evolve.

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